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Facebook Given 3 Months To Stop Tracking Non-Members in France

The Chair of the French data protection authority ‘Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertes’ (CNiL) has issued Facebook with a formal notice giving it 3 months to stop tracking non-members of the social network in France. The CNiL has also asked Facebook to stop the transfer of some personal data to the U.S. If Facebook does not comply with the CNiL’s requests it could face sanctions.

The problem has arisen because the CNiL believes that Facebook is not currently complying with the French Data Protection Act (DPA) due to a number of alleged activities that the CNiL have outlined in a post on their website.


Humans Will Always Be Important For At Least Some Elements of Cyber Crime

At a recent Security Analyst Summit in Tenerife by Internet Security Company Kaspersky researchers made the point that even though robotics and automation are playing a larger part in all aspects of life, including cyber crime, it is likely that there will always be the need for humans to play at least some part in most cyber crime.


The examples given for one important area where a human element is needed in popular cyber crime is in the process of money laundering. The Metel banking fraud gang were cited as a specific example of a cybercrime gang who rely upon using individual members or associates to physically travel to ATMs and take money out in order to complete a spear-phishing crime.


Cyber Security Education Tool Developed For Businesses

The UK government and the professional body for HR and people development “Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development” (CIPD) have joined forces to launch an e-learning tool that companies can use to educate their workforce about cyber security.

The new e-learning module which is free, and is funded by the government’s National Cyber Security Programme has been launched as part of a wider partnership between the government, HR professionals, and security professionals with the aim of promoting the importance of cyber security at work.