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How Hackers Can Take Control of Your Business Voip Phone

If you are one of the many companies who use affects voice-over-internet-protocol (Voip) phones then you may find the results of a recent Security Researcher’s hacking experiment worrying.

Researchers Per Thorsheim Scott Helme, and Information Consultant Paul Moore set up and published online the results of an experiment designed to demonstrate how Voip phones have serious security vulnerabilities.

The fault occurs when Voip phones are set up and left with default settings and with the default password, where the phone does not require a special set of default credentials, and it where does not force you to set a password when setting the phone up.


Adobe’s Creative Cloud ‘Deletions’ Bring a Storm of Anger

The dark clouds of customer anger descended upon Adobe last week as problem with its Creative Cloud apps software meant that some Mac users’ files were deleted without warning.

The issue that caused the deletions occurred, due to a bug in the software, when customers installed Adobe’s Creative Cloud version app on their Mac or signed in to the cloud service.

The nature of the problem was discovered by Backblaze who make data backup software that is used on Macs, after they started to receive a large number of customer support requests based around the same issue.


Start-Up Ideas Bring Technology To The Legal Profession

When you think of professions that utilize cutting edge technology it may be fair to say that the legal profession is likely to be quite a long way down the list. The BBC recently highlighted how some smart start-ups that have spotted exciting digital opportunities in this ancient profession that is about as far as paperless as you can get – allegedly. Here are some examples of technology start-up ideas that are threatening to drag the legal profession into this century and beyond.

Priori Legal for example is a New York based online marketplace that gives business a way to select legal services based on some very important factors that would not normally be easy to access.