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Big Changes on Google’s Desktop SERPs Layout Prompts Concern and Speculation

The familiar text Adwords adverts have been moved from the prominence of the right hand side of the results page. They now fit almost discreetly in-line with the vertical list of results on the left hand side of the page, topping and tailing them with up to 4 adverts at the top and 3 on the bottom.

With speculation rife about the possible affects on our business websites and with mumblings about the boldness of Google’s apparent next big step to steering us all towards paid for services, a recent Search Engine Land article by Columnist Larry Kim gave us a good idea of who the likely losers and winners will be, and why now is not the time to panic.


Apple Mac Users Hit By Malware

There is a first time for everything, and for some Apple Mac owners, becoming the victim of a cyber attack that has allowed Malware known as ‘ransomeware’ to infect their beloved computers, this is a particularly unpleasant and unexpected first.

What Happened?

The extent of the spread of the malware among Apple Mac users is not yet known but the malicious program is thought to have been hidden in the client of a popular program that is used to download and share music and movie files. The malicious software, dubbed “KeRanger” by the researchers from Palo

Alto Networks who discovered its presence was hidden in an open source version of a BitTorrent client called ‘Transmission’ which could be downloaded from the Transmission website.


No Escape From EU Data Protection Rules With Brexit

Whatever you base your personal views on with regards to staying in or leaving the EU, a recent Computer Weekly article highlighted the inescapable fact that whether the UK stays in or leaves the EU, the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will still apply to UK companies dealing with the EU.

GDPR will affect any businesses offering a service to the EU market regardless of where in the world your data is stored or processed i.e. it is about whether you have data that is about EU individuals or data that could identify individuals who find themselves in the EU.


BBC Reporter Demonstrates Ease of Hacking Bank Account

A reporter working as part of a popular BBC Radio 4 programme has caused a HSBC bank to issue a security warning to its customers after the reporter was able to hack in to the programme producer’s bank account and take money from it.

The widely reported hack was intended to demonstrate how mobile-based password resets can still be used with relative ease by fraudsters to commit cyber crime despite bank security measures being in place.


Email Pioneer Ray Tomlinson Dies

The sad news on 5th March for those familiar with the history of the Internet was of the death of the email pioneer Ray Tomlinson aged 74.

According to around 200 billion emails are sent every day, and although Ray Tomlinson did not actually invent electronic mail, he was the person who was able to transmit the first message between terminals attached to separate CPUs (central processing units).