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IT Contractors and Employers Face Government Tax “Disguised Employment” Clampdown

With the latest budget this week there is one piece of news for IT companies that is not going to be met with the joyous enthusiasm of an Apple product launch. In a bid to find £400 million it is reported that the Chancellor George Osborne will be turning the tax spotlight onto IT Contractors as part of what has been publicised as a wider move to close what has been seen in recent years as a tax loophole. This latest tax clampdown could in theory affect many freelancers.

The reported loophole that is about to be closed relates to those estimated 100,000 people in a variety of industries who have their salaries paid through what are known as ‘personal services companies’.


New ‘Outline’ Tool Speeds Up Google Docs Navigation

A recent IT World article has highlighted how the introduction of a new tool by Google could make life easier for those trying to navigate their way through a lengthy document in Google docs on the Web with a tablet and on Android.

One of the challenges for those of us who use Google’s online collaborative word processor ‘Google Docs’ is that navigation through documents, particularly lengthy ones, can be a slow process if its just a case of only being able to scroll through to find a specific section. The new ‘Outline’ tool from Google is designed to speed things up displaying a pane on the left hand side of the page that shows the features and headers of the document and allows you to jump quickly between each of the sections.


Concerns Over The Passing of New ‘Hacking on Demand’ Law

A recent article in Computer Weekly has highlighted how the Investigatory Powers Bill could see IT companies being forced by law to use hacking on demand to help the UK government with aspects surveillance or face serious criminal charges!
Most people in the UK would find it difficult to deny that we as a country face many different kinds of threats at home and worldwide. What is causing some surprise however is the extent, scope and potential impact of a new UK law that could grant the UK government unprecedented powers over IT Companies and their customers.

The Investigatory Powers Bill also known by its critics as “Snoopers’ Charter” is a new law that is has been introduced by the Home Secretary Theresa May. The government say that the legislation which will grant them an unprecedented amount of Internet surveillance powers will help them to fight terrorism, organised crime and paedophilia.