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New Windows 10 for Testers Shows New Features and Improvements

Microsoft has just released its latest and biggest cumulative update of Windows 10 for PC and mobile to its insider testers in ‘Fast Ring’ i.e. those insiders who receive and immediately install new features as soon as they are approved by Microsoft.

This has enabled us to get the first reports of from those technical few who have risked the possible bugs to let the rest of us know how the latest build of Windows 10 measures up. Reports from the public technical front line indicate that build 14328 also known as the Anniversary Update (due for general release in June) are positive and highlight a number of useful features and improvements.

Most of the latest improvements are likely to benefit PC users, especially those with tablets and surface devices. Here are a few examples of some features and improvements to look forward to.


Simple Steps to Avert Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches Not being Taken Says Report

The findings of the latest Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) were the subject of several of the IT news websites this week (Computer Weekly and ComputerWorld UK) because they show that organisations are still not taking basic cyber crime prevention measures.

The report appears to show that cyber crimes of which the type and modus operandi are well known and widely publicised are still happening in large numbers because organisations don’t have the staff awareness or relevant training, don’t know the attack patterns for their industry, and aren’t focusing on using simple but well executed security measures.


Research Predicts Huge Growth in Local Search & Data Discovery Apps

Recently published Juniper Research predicted that the amount of revenue generated by found Local Search & Discovery apps will increase dramatically from last year’s figure of $13 billion to over $44 billion by 2020.

The predicted huge increase in app advertising and location targeting is likely to happen because of the emergence and refinement of proximal wireless technologies.

The kinds of Local Search and Search & Discovery apps and the technology highlighted by the research are e.g. the deployment of Bluetooth beacons in indoor retail settings in order to develop proximity marketing services.


Technical Tip – Passwords

With multi factor authentication and even biometrics being used to strengthen or plug the security weak spot that a simple or default password now represents, here are some basic suggestions to help you to make your passwords good and secure.