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Facebook Moments. You’ve Been Recognised!

Facial recognition has come to Facebook in the EU and Canada in the form of an app for its photo sharing ‘Moments’ program.

Even though Moments was released last year, challenges including local data privacy rules and the need for some program modifications have hampered a full and uninterrupted roll out, this clever vehicle for easy photo sharing is now here.


UK’s ‘Greasy Spoons’ Enlisted to Help Tradespeople to Get Online

Prompted by research showing that UK Tradespeople need help to get online and boost their business online, UK domain registrar Nominet has enlisted help the form of ‘Bacon and Web Cafés’ to get the word out and provide support.

A Computer Weekly article highlighted the unusual tale of how Nominet is reaching out to tradespeople who need to get their first website by setting up ‘Bacon and Web Cafés’ around the UK starting with Old Street in London, soon to be followed by more in Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester later in the year.


Big Problem With Cyber Attack Awareness in UK Boardrooms

The scale of and the issues raised by the cyber attack on TalkTalk last year led to the launch of the UK government’s Cyber Governance Health Check which was intended to help understand and improve how FTSE 350 companies are managing cyber security risks.

The latest Cyber Governance Health Check carried out by KPMG shows that even though two thirds of those FTSE companies have suffered a cyber attack in the last year, 54% of boardrooms only hear about cyber security twice a year or when there is a security incident.


Weekly Tech Tip

Need to Check Your Facts?

Just because it’s on the Web it doesn’t mean that it’s true and accurate. If you need to check that information is factually correct there are some websites that you can visit to help you.