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A Crash Course in Data Exhaust

Just as in our offline ‘real’ life we generate by-products of everyday living in the ‘real’ world such as the waste products, gasses and smoke from our homes, workplaces, and vehicles, we also generate by-products in our online life. These things may be the files generated by web browsers and their plug-ins like cookies, log files, temporary internet files and flash cookies. These things all hang around on our computers and other IoT (Internet of ‘Things’) devices.

Other information or digital by-products in the workplace can be secondary, non-critical information that is related to our products and services, and these too are stored on our servers, databases, and computers.

If you haven’t heard the term in the decade that it’s been around, these digital by-product things have been dubbed ‘data exhaust.


Microsoft Gets Serious About Windows 10 Upgrade

Up until now, upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and 8.1 has been a decision that many users have been pondering, avoiding, or ignoring in favour of simply getting on with other things.

As far as Microsoft is concerned it looks as though it’s time to speed things along by switching the upgrade to ‘Recommended’, and by choosing to interpret the losing / rejection of the notification as an approval to upgrade.


Is France About To Ban Out of Hours Work Emails?

A recent BBC story highlighted the plans by France’s Francois Hollande’s Socialist Party to vote for a Labour Law clause that could mean that when employees of companies with over 50 people are out of work hours they will have the right to completely disconnect from all work communications.

If the measure goes through it will reportedly mean that the companies affected will each need to draw up and adhere to a Charter that states after which hours staff should not send or be expected to respond to work emails.


Get Up To Speed With the Facts About GDPR

With data breaches and their consequences in the news on a seemingly weekly basis these days the whole subject of data protection has been given a much higher priority by UK businesses.

Regardless of the outcome of the referendum about whether to remain in the EU, by 2018 new data protection regulations will come into force for the UK, and for all companies worldwide that process the data of EU citizens. What else do you need to know about the long awaited The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?


Weekly Tech Tip

We’re not suggesting that you fill up your email account with large and important business files, but on the occasions where you need to save something and take it away but you don’t have e.g. a memory stick, you could email the information / files (as attachments) to yourself.