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Are Microsoft going to repeat their aggressive ‘upgrading’ technique again (even though they u-turned yesterday). Is Google going to start analysing our souls for authentication? Is Big Data just a Big Headache?

Here’s what’s been going on …

Google … Wants to ‘Trust’ You …

Google is currently in a bid to get rid of your (un)trustworthy passwords and replace them with a ‘trust score’. At least, that’s it’s plan … and to have it rolled out on Android phones by next year.

Why Does Google Want To Get Rid Of Your Password?

There are many reasons why traditional passwords can be inappropriate as a means of security protection.

‘Nasty Trick’ … Used By Microsoft. Never!

Never a stranger to controversy, Microsoft has been in the spotlight again recently – in yet another storm about Windows 10.

The ‘nagging’ that many Windows users will currently be receiving is more persistent than ever at the moment. Not only that but the ‘sneaky trick’ that some IT people feel is underhand has to do with trying to close the ‘nagging’ pop-up box.

Usually, clicking the cross on the top right hand side of a pop-up screen is to close the pop-up. However, Microsoft now accepts this as tacit agreement to upgrade to Windows 10, rather than rejecting it.

Businesses Want Big Data Benefits … But Don’t Know How To Get Them

A recent survey by DNVGL reveals that more companies than ever (around three quarters) are investing in Big Data, yet less than a quarter of companies admitting to having a proper strategy. (Note that the figures are taken from their own recipients)

So, further to our recent article about ‘data-exhaust’, let’s look at why this could be significant for your business…