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Poll Shows Server Virtualisation as Top Datacentre Infrastructure Investment

The recently published results of the annual Computer Weekly/TechTarget IT Priorities poll show that server virtualisation is a now top area of planned datacentre infrastructure investment.

The poll results are significant and important because they reflect the investment plans for the coming year of 1,000 European IT managers and decision makers.


Blockchain, the New Digital Medium for Value

A new technology and IT platform called ‘Blockchain’ looks set to revolutionise how everything of value is handled in the digital world. So what is it and why is it so important? And why are bitcoins currently worth over $500 each?

A recent Computer World article described the basis of Blockchain as a global database and a kind of “incorruptible ledger” for of economic transactions.


MySpace Hacked Database Could Affect Millions

The latest high profile data security breach has been identified as MySpace. News of the breach which involved what appears to be the theft of millions of customer details from an old MySpace database was made public first by LeakedSource who are reported to have received a copy of the breached data from one of their users.


Microsoft Backtrack Rumours Part of Windows 10 Upgrade Backlash

You may have read recently about Microsoft’s much publicised change in tactics in trying to move forward the process for getting users of Windows 7 and 8.1 to take up the free upgrade to Windows 10 by switching to a ‘Recommended’ automatic download, and by taking a click on the ‘X’ of the notification box to mean acceptance of the download.

As part of the online backlash, reports that Microsoft may have backpedalled on these tactics have been found to be nothing more than rumour and perhaps wishful thinking.


Technical Tip – Avoiding Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are still widely used by cyber criminals because they rely heavily on human error to work. Being able to spot one and take the right action is therefore vital to protecting yourself and your organisation.