Tech Tip – Improve Conversion – Take Your Glasses Off !!?

If more people of all levels of physical ability are able to understand and navigate your website this could lead to more enquiries and / or sales i.e. Improving website accessibility and usability can improve conversion.

Try the ‘Glasses Off’ Test..

Your website visitors just want to know what you can do for them – and get the information that they’re looking for as fast as possible.

When reviewing your website site with a view to improving it therefore, try taking your glasses off. If you can’t easily see what you’re looking for the site has failed the test.

10 Tips For You

Visual impairment, age, tiredness, or using a small mobile device can all mean that things are harder at a glance to see and understand. Here are 10 quick Tips for making your website easier to read and use:

  1. Make the navigation simple – along the top or left hand side of your website.
  2. Use a sensible sized font throughout. Use black on white.
  3. Have a search box if your website is big – and put the search box at the TOP of the site where it can quickly be found.
  4. Use underlines for links. Or at least make them look like links.
  5. Put your important stuff at the top of the site (above the ‘fold’).
  6. Put your contact details at the top – on every page. Not really usability but a very good idea and it makes a bigger difference than you’d think.
  7. Don’t disable the “Back” button.
  8. Break Long text into short paragraphs and text – like this email!
  9. Use short column widths – again like in this email!
  10. Have a Site Map. (Great for SEO too).