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Prolific Spammer and Malware Distributor Goes Mysteriously Quiet

Internet Security companies have reported the sudden and mysterious disappearance of one of the largest networks of compromised systems on the Internet. The Necurs botnet has been a notorious distributor of large amounts of spam / junk mail and malware over many years but is reported to have gone offline altogether this week.


European Companies Taking Too Long to Detect Cyber Attacks Says Report

A recent report by Cyber Security Company Mandiant has revealed that EU companies take on average 3 times longer than the rest of the world to detect a compromise by attackers in their systems.

The year long investigation showed that the average detection time for European companies is 469 days compared to 146 days globally.


Microsoft To Buy LinkedIn

Microsoft has announced that it is about to buy the world’s largest professional social network LinkedIn.

The deal is thought to be valued at just over $26.2 billion / £18 billion cash. As well as being much more than the $8.5 billion that Microsoft paid for Skype in 2011 and more than the $7.2 billion that it paid for Nokia’s mobile business in 2013, this latest acquisition also eclipses the $19 billion that Facebook paid for WhatsApp two years ago.


Social Media Now Main Source of News For Young People

A Report based on the international findings of The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism has shown that more 18 to 24 year olds now choose to social media as their main news source (28%) than television (24%). The report also shows that accessing news via social media is also particularly popular among women.


Technical Tip – Don’t use Public Networks For Financial Transactions

Using a public network to send sensitive information such as your financial information can mean that you leave yourself open unnecessarily to cyber criminals in the vicinity.