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Companies Face Tougher Government Action For Poor Cyber Security

The security breach at TalkTalk last October that saw the loss of data from a reported 157,000 customers to cyber criminals formed the basis of discussions by Culture, Media and Sport accounts committee to generate ideas to prevent future incidents.

Although companies can already be fined by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for data breaches, the MPs and peers on the committee have suggested bigger fines and greater accountability.


New Windows 10 Tool To Rid Computer of ‘Bloatware’

Participants of the Microsoft Insider program have been given a look at a new tool for Windows 10 that could allow users of the new Operating System to easily remove all of the unnecessary (and seldom used) extra software that computer makers load onto new machines.

The tool could therefore mean a welcome end to what has become known as ‘crapware’ or ‘bloatware’.


RAA…! A New and Unique Ransomware Threat

Internet security researchers have discovered a new version of the malware known as ransomware. Dubbed ‘RAA’ this latest malicious program is unique because it is written in the web-based language Javascript. This could make it more likely to be activated and therefore to claim more victims.


Tech Tip – What if Your Site Goes Down?

Assuming your website is important to your business, then it makes good sense to regularly monitor it and make sure that it’s on track. The first thing to ensure is that your website is actually ‘online’ 100% of the time.