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Bogus Tech Support Scam

Cyber Criminals have invented a new variant of the old ‘I’m from Microsoft’ fake tech support phone call in the form of an on-screen pop-up malware warning that claims to be from your ISP and asks you to call a number.

The reason that the advert appears in the first place is because your computer has become infected through single “bad” pixel adverts.


Microsoft Pays $10,000 For Windows 10 Upgrade Gone Wrong

Microsoft has been in the news this week again over Windows 10. This time however they have agreed a payout for a U.S. woman whose business computer was reportedly left in an ‘unstable’ condition by an automatic upgrade to Windows 10.


Brexit Makes No Real Difference to Data Protection Laws Says ICO

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has stated that despite the Brexit vote there will be no relaxation in data protection laws and that the data protection laws set by the EU will still apply.

The ICO has however stated that leaving the EU before any new data protection laws come into effect could mean that these laws may not apply in the UK.


Tech Tip – Improve the Operation of Your New Windows 10

If you’ve recently upgraded to Window 10 there are some simple steps you can take to make it more responsive and decrease the level of background data collection.