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Beware of Strangers on LinkedIn Says Security Company

Intel Security has warned that by simply accepting “I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn” requests from people you don’t know, you could be could be making it easier for cyber criminals to target you and / or people in your professional network with attacks such as hacking and phishing.


Your Social Media Could Soon Be Part of the Screening Process for Entering the U.S.

As America looks for ways to make its border controls more effective, the Federal Register of the U.S. government has published a proposed change to travel and entry forms that asks for information about your social media accounts.


Social Media Now Major Hunting Ground For Identity Thieves

Fraud prevention service Cifas figures show that there was a huge 57% rise in identity fraud last year. Experts have attributed much of the rise to the ease with which criminals can steal people’s personal information from social media sites.


Do You Know Exactly Where Your Business Data is Stored?

A recent report by cyber security consultancy CNS Group has revealed that even though the vast majority of business IT decision makers would prefer their data to be stored in the UK, only a little over a quarter of them could say for certain that it is stored here.


Tech Tip – Who’s Calling You?

Business people very often don’t track how sales enquiries were generated or which piece marketing prompted the enquiry.

It’s always been easy to track online enquiries from Google paid adverts and for a long time Google have offered dynamic tracking numbers on your paid ads, so you an track inbound calls from the ads displayed on google as well as website enquiries.