Tech Tip – How To Spot Phishing Sites and Emails.

With phishing attacks on the rise again and with phishing sites and emails appearing more authentic than ever how do spot them? Here are some of the signs.

Spotting Phishing Emails:

  • The sender’s email ID will not be (exactly) the same as the company’s official email ID e.g. rather than
  • Check for misspelling and grammar mistakes – phishing emails often have plenty.
  • There is a very strong focus on links and buttons to click on.
  • There is likely to be a mysterious attachment. This could contain malware such as ransomware.
  • The email goes straight to your spam folder.

Spotting Phishing Websites:

  • The URL will differ slightly from the official one, and the HTTPS connection will be missing.
  • The lock icon will be grey rather than green.
  • You may get a browser warning.
  • A fake pop-up asking for information may show after only a very short time on the site.
  • If you give the wrong password you can still log in to many Phishing sites.