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Amazon and UK Government Test Drone Parcel Deliveries.

This week, our fantasy view of the future seemed to look a little more real as the news was announced that Amazon will be paying the UK government to be embark on a project to test parcel delivery to UK households by drone.

The programme will be testing whether automated drones would be able to safely and effectively deliver small parcels to the homes of customers, ideally within 30 minutes of them being ordered online.


ICO Looking To Change Cookie Laws?

If you’ve ever found it annoying to see the banner appear on a website warning you that cookies are being used and requesting your consent or a click on the ‘X’ then you may be relieved to know that the Information Commissioner’s Office is looking to make changes to the cookie law that could mean fewer of these warnings.


Apps Replacing Desktops For Banking?

Our increasing use of mobile devices for more aspects of our lives means that according to new figures we are moving away from desktop banking in favour of using mobile apps.

New figures from the British Bankers Association (BBA) based on our banking habits in 2015 show that although customers logged on to banking websites 4.3 million times a day in that year, this was a decrease on the 4.4million in 2014. In the same period, phone app use on smart phones and tablets rose from 7 million logins in 2014 to 11 million logins in 2015 and BBA figures show that customers used these apps a staggering 4 billion times!


The Workings of Ransomware.

Locky and Raa are both examples of one of the most dangerous and prevalent forms of malware known as ‘ransomware’.

This major online threat has hit the news in recent months due to the chaos and misery that it has brought to its victims. Here is brief summary of the types of ransomware that we know about and what tricks they use.


Tech Tip – Find Files That Take Up Too Much Space.

If you have files on your computer that are taking up too much space it could have a negative impact of the speed of your computer.