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Cortana Always On in Windows 10 Updates.

In recent months Microsoft has been accused of getting tougher when it comes to Windows 10 with its automatic upgrades. Now it looks like more of the same as the latest update will have Cortana switched on all the time.


Your Company Website Crucial For Attracting Millennial Employees.

Recent research by job site Monster has shown that people aged between 18 and 35 tend to look through and react strongly to what they find on individual company websites when searching for work.


Now Adverts Starting In Windows 10 Pro.

First it was automatic upgrades, next it was Cortana being switched on all the time.

The latest news from Microsoft to upset tech commentators is the news that the Anniversary Update rolled out this week means that Windows 10 Pro admins won’t be able to turn off some kinds of advertising.


New Survey Results Fuel Brexit Tech Skills Gap Fears.

The results of a survey by ‘Hired’ website have highlighted the fears in the UK tech industry that the recent Brexit vote could mean that the UK will not be able to attract in tech talent from other European countries and could face a significant skills gap.


Tech Tip – Shortcut to Undo Last Action.

Again … this one’s really easy. If you’re using windows and you want to undo something you’ve just done there’s a quick keyboard shortcut you can use.