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Uber & Volvo To Provide Robot Taxis.

People in Pittsburgh (U.S) will very soon have the opportunity to be picked up by autonomous ‘robot’ vehicles as a result of a new project involving mainly Volvo and some Ford cars.

For many people, the thought of ordering a taxi-style service in the normal way but ending up being the guinea pig in a real life road test of a driverless car sounds more than a little daunting, but for Pittsburgh’s Uber customers this could soon be their reality.


Slow Websites Stall Retailer Profits.

Research has shown that load times for shopping websites around the world has been getting longer over the past year and that potential customers have been lost as a result.


Dynatrace research has shown that despite a general increase in connectivity, retail websites globally have been loading more slowly. Australian websites, for example, have increased their load times by nearly 3 seconds from 2015 and now take an average of 8.2 seconds to load.


Windows 10 Update Kills Webcams.

The upgrades and updates for Windows 10 have certainly not been without their problems or critics, and it appears that the latest update has stopped many popular webcams from working.

What Update?

Update / version 1607 also know as the Anniversary Update because it was the first anniversary of the release of Windows 10 earlier this month is one of a series of frequent installations of feature updates that are now needed as part of the ‘Windows as a Service’ model.


Tech Tip : Connecting Your Laptop to Your TV.

If you have a HDMI port of your computer and an HDTV, you can connect the pair using a HDMI cable and you can then use the TV as a monitor. Using a slim HDMI cable can make things easier if you regularly travel and want to plug in to the HDMI port on hotel TVs.