Tech Tip – Filter Out Your Low-Priority Email

You can save time in your working day by using a feature in Outlook 2016 for Windows called “Clutter”.

Users of Microsoft Office 365 may already be familiar with the “Clutter” feature. The email server tracks which emails you read and which you don’t. By turning on “Clutter” it will act automatically, filtering out any new incoming messages that you’re most likely to ignore and putting them in the “Clutter” folder. With this feature you can specify what is and what isn’t “Clutter”.

If you find that the feature isn’t working for you it can be simply turned off again by right mouse clicking on the “Clutter” folder, choosing ‘Manage Clutter’, then choosing to ‘Unselect’ or ‘Don’t separate’ items identified as “Clutter” depending on whether you’re using Outlook 2016 or Outlook on the Web.