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Lessons in Planning for Crowdfunding Success

With an industry now estimated to be worth in excess of $34 Billion in fundraising volume Crowdfunding has emerged as a popular way to raise funds for a wide variety of projects. Although it sounds straightforward, just how easy is it to Crowdfund your way to commercial success?


68 Million Stolen Dropbox Customer Credentials Leaked 4 Years After Theft

The usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords of an astonishing 68 million Dropbox customers which were stolen in a hack back in 2012 have re-surfaced in a recent leak.

The leak of this vast number of customer credentials was discovered when security notification service Leakbase picked up the database and sent it to technology website ‘Motherboard’.


Irish Cabinet Joins Apple to Appeal Against Huge EU Back Tax Bill

After the European Commission ruled that tech giant Apple is liable to pay a €13billion / £11 billion back tax bill, Ireland’s Cabinet has agreed to join Apple in appealing against the ruling.


Tech Tip – Filter Out Your Low-Priority Email

You can save time in your working day by using a feature in Outlook 2016 for Windows called “Clutter”.