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Dutch Website Loses EU Court Battle Over Hyperlinks to Playboy’s Copyrighted Content.

A long-running dispute over hyperlinks from a Dutch website to an Australian website that contained photographs from Playboy has been settled in Playboy’s favour by The European Court of Justice.

Back in 2011, a Dutch website ‘GeenStijl’ which is owned by GS media is reported to have published an article and a hyperlink which directed viewers to an Australian website where photos of a woman (Ms Dekker) were made available.


Google Chrome Will Tell Users If Your Website Is Not Secure.

In a bid to publicly promote the importance of online security for all, the latest change to the Google Chrome browser will mean that a red ‘X’ on top of the lock in the address bar will be displayed if you visit an unencrypted website.


Amazon Customers To Collect Their Deliveries From Lockers in Morrisons Stores.

A new deal between Bradford-based supermarket chain Morrisons and online retailer Amazon will mean that Amazon customers will be able to collect their deliveries from lockers installed in Morrisons stores.

Amazon lockers are not new and the 1000 or so Amazon Lockers that are already installed in stations, airports, convenience stores, shopping centres and universities worldwide have been shown to work well.


Tech Tip – Bringing Presentations To Life in Office 365 Powerpoint With ‘Zoom’.

Powerpoint in Office 365 now has a ‘Zoom’ feature which enables you to create an interactive summary of your presentation with automatic navigation links.