Your Latest IT Newsletter

The Bot at Your Bank.

If you have a question to ask your bank then it may soon be answered by ‘virtual’ bank staff in the form of a ‘chat bot’ instead of a real person.

Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest are scheduled to start rolling out the introduction of their virtual customer service technology in December starting with around 10% of RBS customers.


UK Received £4.1 million Tax From Facebook in 2015.

After angering campaigners by only paying £4,327 UK tax in 2014, Facebook is reported to have paid £4.1 million in UK tax in 2015.

Even though 2015’s payment is a significant improvement, it doesn’t mean that the UK will be bringing in similar payments in years to come.


Introducing Facebook’s Workplace … For Your Business.

Facebook has opened up its Workplace platform app to enable businesses to have their own social network while allowing Facebook to compete in the same collaborative and communications business tool market as Microsoft’s Yammer, Slack and Google’s Cloud.


Credit Card That Changes Hourly.

A new anti-fraud credit card from Paris-based Oberthur Technologies has a digital display on the back which changes the 3 digit security code number every hour.

The latest ONS figures show that fraud is now the most common crime in the UK with 1 in 10 people falling victim to it in the last 12 months and 20,255 falling victim specifically to credit card fraud (a total of £755m worth of fraud). This means that we, as consumers, all now face a serious risk.


Tech Tip – Tablet Mode for Laptop or PC.

In Windows 10, if you like the Tablet mode, touchscreen-friendly version of Windows 10 you can instruct your laptop or PC to adopt it from login.