Multiple Ways To Take Notes With Windows 10

If you rely on just paper or Notepad to take and keep your business notes, Windows 10 offers you several different ways to record your notes digitally. These include:

  • Notepad. The app is quick, easy to use, and easy to launch. To access it, press the Windows key and type Notepad.
  • Wordpad. This is a kind of ‘Microsoft Word Lite’. It’s fast, and although it’s generally basic, it incorporates some advanced features.
  • OneNote. There are two versions of OneNote: the desktop version and the universal app. The universal app that comes with Windows 10 is good for mouse and keyboard users, you can password-protect your notes, and there is a search feature.
  • Sticky Notes. It’s quick and easy, you can enable reminders, and you can write on Sticky Notes with a pen if you use a device like the Surface Pro or compatible tablet.
  • Cortana. You can dictate your notes to Windows 10 using the new Cortana digital assistant.