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Tech Tip – Lockdown Your Wi-Fi

If you’re using Windows 10 and you want to make sure you’re not exposed to the security risks posed by insecure wireless networks, there is a quick and easy way you can protect your Wi-Fi connectivity. Here’s how:

Go to Settings.

Go to Network & Internet > Wi-Fi

Make sure that the ‘Connect to suggested open hotspots’ option is disabled, unless you connect through a virtual private network or VPN service.

Tech Tip – Using OneDrive Cloud Storage on Windows 10

If you want to set up quick and easy cloud storage from your Windows PC for storing, sharing and saving files across your different devices you can use OneDrive. Here’s how to set it up:

– If you have a Microsoft account e.g.,, email address, Xbox Live or Skype account you can use that to sign in.

– If you don’t have a Microsoft account, go to and click the click the ‘Sign up for free’ button – click on the Create a Microsoft account button, create a new email address and password, click ‘Next’ and follow the instructions.

– To set up OneDrive on your Windows 10 PC, open Start, Search OneDrive and click the top result.

– Using the setup experience, enter your email address, and click the Sign in button.

– Enter your Microsoft password and sign in.

– Click on ‘Next’

– Click ‘Not now’ if you’re using the free version of OneDrive.

– Click through the welcome tips, and click the Open my OneDrive folder button.

– To save your files to OneDrive, open File Explorer (Windows key + E).

– Click the OneDrive folder using the left pane.

– Drag and drop or copy and paste content into the OneDrive folder.

Tech Tip – Send Texts From Your Windows 10 PC With ‘Your Phone’ App

If you’d like to be able to send phone texts from your PC without having to unlock your phone, you can do it with the Your Phone app for Windows 10. Here’s how:

– Open the Your Phone app.

– Click on Messages.

– Click on the See Texts button.

– Click on the Send Notification button.

– On your phone, confirm the notification to allow Your Phone app to access your text messages.

– To send a new message, click the New Message button.

– Type the phone number or search for the contact you want to send a message to.

– Use the reply box at the bottom to send the text from your PC.

Tech Tip – Pin Your Key People

The ‘My People’ feature in Windows 10 lets you pin your closest contacts to your taskbar, thereby making it easier and quicker to email, chat with (text and video), or send files or media to them. Here’s how to set it up:

– Click the People icon / button in the Taskbar’s notification area (bottom right).

– Connect the communication apps it works with (Skype and Mail). If you’ve signed into your email accounts in the Mail and Skype apps they’ll already be connected.

– If you’re using your regular PC, you’ll see your top five contacts suggested. On a new PC, you can just choose the ‘Find and Pin’ contacts option at the bottom of the People bar. Tap this to show all the contacts in your address book, and pin three contacts as circular icons to your taskbar (more can be the ‘My People’ bar itself). You can also combine the different email and Skype accounts for a single contact here.

– You can now access your key people from the ‘My People’ pins, and even see any emojis sent to you via Skype.

Tech Tip – Get Alexa In Windows 10

Many of us are used to using Amazon’s digital voice-activated assistant for all kinds of things at home. You can also use it via Windows 10 in the office. Here’s how:

Many new computers may come with the Alexa App pre-installed. Look for the Alexa app in the Start menu or type ‘Amazon Alexa’ in the Start menu Search bar.

If your computer doesn’t support hands-free access, click the Alexa icon at the bottom of the app to call up the voice assistant.

If you don’t have the Alexa App pre-installed on your computer, you can install it:

Ensure your PC is up to date and configured with US Language settings.

Download the Alexa app and follow the installation instructions –

To show the Alexa app all the time in your Windows 10 taskbar:

Go to Windows Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Select which icons appear on the taskbar and enable Alexa.

Tech Tip – Display System Drives First In File Explorer

In Windows now, by default, your File Explorer opens the Quick Access screen when launched. If you’d rather go back to the old way of displaying your system drives first, here’s how:

– Right-click the Quick access link on the left.

– Choose Options-

– Choose ‘This PC’ from the top drop-down menu.

Tech Tip – Quickly Edit File Metadata

If you want to be able to quickly edit the metadata of any files in Windows 10 (e.g. set when photos were taken), and add tags and categories to files, it can be done in 2 easy steps. Here’s how:

– In File Explorer, use the Shift+Alt+P to bring up the details pane. This shows details such as picture dimensions and the date a file was created.

– Click on any of the file fields and edit the metadata as required.