Our Services

Our Services

Pronetic provide a wide range of IT support and managed services to businesses within 30 miles of Portsmouth and Chichester. Some of the services we offer include:

Business IT Systems Design & Installation
We design a full system for you using pre-existing systems to provide you the most cost effective solution. Plus we will work with you to provide an IT system that will work well around your business. We can set up a new system or improve or extend the life of an existing one.

IT Equipment Leasing
If you are worried about the capital cost of replacing your IT systems, we can provide a cheap alternative with a three or five year lease of our newest equipment. Plus at the end of the lease, you can choose to purchase the equipment permanently, or renew the lease and be upgraded with completely new systems.

Proactive IT System Care
We monitor your systems for you and provide regular maintenance, in order to identify and fix faults before they become a problem. Pronetic works to ensure that your computer runs at maximum efficiency so that it is prevented from crashing in the first place.

Computer Repair
When something does go wrong, as it occasionally can, we offer competitive repair and maintenance services to all our clients. We have the right level of expertise and professionalism to be able to help you when your computer crashes or even if it is just running slower than normal.

IT System Watch
A less extreme way for us to maintain your systems. We perform the essential health checks on your systems, alerting you by email of anything that needs further attention, but we will not monitor your server 24/7. This is ideal for users who do not want to have to pay monthly for around the clock monitoring.

Mobile Device Management
Mobile usage in both social and business areas is increasing. Pronetic will ensure that you get the same level or support and maintenance service for features on your mobile phone as you would on your desktop, to ensure your business runs smoothly.

IT Vendor Management
If you are not sure where your fault lies, we can provide you with the information you need to contact the right supplier. Plus if you hold support contracts with other services, we can determine the best third party business to deal with the fault you report to us.

Other IT Services
We also provide a variety of other ‘odd jobs’ services relating to IT, from installing systems to cable cleanup and more. Whatever your fault, your query or your issue, we at Pronetic can determine the seriousness of the situation and help you in the best possible way.

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