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Are you wasting hours trying to fix I.T. problems? Is it made worse because you don’t know which of your I.T. suppliers to call? Maybe you are trying to surf the web but it’s going so slowly it’s driving you nuts? Is it the PC, a server, the office network or internet connection at fault? How many suppliers would you need to liaise with to fix this? The answer could be one: Pronetic.

With our Network Proactive Care service we will liaise with your ISP for internet connection issues, but there may be other specialist suppliers supporting a part of your I.T. systems. For example you may have a support contract with a software supplier, perhaps something which is written specifically for your industry and is at the core of your day to day business. Very often such a contract will cover the vendor’s software but not other faults with your servers or PCs. The baton may be passed back to you, whether there is a PC or server fault, or just a suspicion of one. With Pronetic on your side, just report faults to us and we can liaise with third party suppliers and worry about where the fault lies and get it fixed. You stay focused on your business and only have one point of contact.

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