Technology for Business

Technology for Business

Pronetic offer a wide range of technology services for business including:

Business IT Backup Solutions
We can set up both onsite and offsite backup, with daily monitoring options. With modern technology, systems fail a lot less frequently, but it does still happen. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry when it comes to your business data, and backing up your data more than once is recommended.

Cloud Services: Microsoft Office 365
A Cloud based service, Microsoft Office houses all the popular Microsoft applications, which allow you to sign in at any time and you can also sync it with offline devices. In order to have your business in keeping with modern software, Microsoft Office 365 ensures that you are regularly up to date.

Cloud Services: Hosted Desktop
By uploading your files, software and emails to the ‘cloud’ you can access them on any computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone, by connecting to the internet. This is great as you don’t need to carry your computer around with you, or transfer lots of data via USB.

Business Internet Connection Solutions
With more than one option for internet connections in today’s modern technological world, Pronetic will work with you to help you understand which connection will work best with your business. Plus with Pronetic, you can be sure to get it at the best possible price.

Business Mobile Solutions
A smart phone or tablet with the same applications as your desktop or laptop can be extremely helpful in keeping your business running when you are out of office. We provide the services for upgrading your tablet or smart phone with the right applications to help you run your business at all times.

Business IT Networks
We will work with you to help you reach a decision as to whether your business is better suited for a cabled or a wireless connection via the internet, and we will install and maintain it for you, for added security.

IT Security
In order to keep your business running at optimum performance, it is important that your network has the right level of security it needs for online communication. We can provide a variety of packages, including ensuring that your computer system has the latest anti-virus software installed.

IT Servers
A Server is a collection of files from every computer stored in one place. Every computer that is connected to the server has access it, and can upload, modify or delete files from it. Servers are a great way of sharing communication, plus for safety, different levels of access and security can be added.

IT Spam Filters
Spam Emails are emails sent en masse with no valuable content, and they can contain a lot of malicious software that could harm your computer and your network if the emails are opened. We provide professional Spam filters that can be installed on each PC, or on the entire server system.

Business Telephone Systems
Modern day technology has allowed us to merge both IT and Telephone systems, so for example you can log into your email in order to access a voicemail that has been left on your business phone. We can help you make the right choice when choosing the best Business Telephone System for your company.

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