Business Backup Solutions

It may be as boring as car insurance but in those chilling moments after a disaster has removed your data from the face of the earth it becomes the best investment you never made. If you haven’t got it, get it!

Make sure you understand what kind of data you are protecting (e.g. its level of importance to the business) and what kind of events you are protecting against.

Some examples are:

  • hardware failure
  • accidental or malicious deletion
  • file corruption
  • virus infection
  • environmental disaster such as fire or flood
  • theft of equipment holding the data

We can guarantee that at least one, more likely several of these events will hit your business – it’s just a question of when. Taking hardware failure as one example: over 5% of consumer grade hard drives fail every year. We find a significant amount of important business data held on this type of hard drive. Enterprise grade hard drives are more reliable, but they still fail.

We can setup onsite backup, offsite backup for critical data and monitor on a daily basis.

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