Spam Filter

IT Spam Filters

Spam (also known as unsolicited commercial email) typically accounts for over 70% of internet borne email. Why not stop spam before if even touches your network? Spam filters can filter out spam allowing genuine email to pass through. The filters can be installed on each user’s PC or on the local mail server. However, even where these are effective (not always the case), bear in mind that where high volumes of spam are present, considerable processing power is devoted to detecting and removing emails containing spam. Also consider the significant amount of additional network traffic congesting your inbound internet connection. Pronetic can block spam before it even arrives on your network. The spam filters will also block almost all email-borne viruses.

It is worth checking whether your website publishes any email addresses thus providing spammers an easy means of collecting email addresses to target. A better alternative is to provide a “contact form” which conceals your email address.

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