About Us

About Us

Principles and values

Our values determine our decisions and how we act as a company. These help us to stand out from the crowd – in a positive way!

Integrity – we do the right thing

Reliability – customers and colleagues can always rely on us

Productivity – we do more with less

Cheerfulness – we like to leave customers with a smile on their faces

Diligence – we persevere, attack a problem head-on, and take care to do a quality job

Self-development – we improve in some way every day

Helpfulness – give a little extra.

Creativity – is there a better way?

Founder’s story

It’s strange how an apparently insignificant event can alter the course of life in such a big way. Sitting in the bar of the Havana Yacht Club in Cuba, sipping on free rum ‘n’ Coke, Andy Wilkinson had just sailed the Atlantic leg of the “Clipper Round the World Yacht Race” in November 2000. Stuck between crew mates saying “stay for another leg” and a wife countering with “what about a holiday with me and the kids” he was in a tricky, diplomatic corner. Happily and quite rightly the family won out as the rum wore off and the plan of a really long family holiday was hatched. This is the one where you sell the house, resign both jobs, pop down to the London Boat Show to pick up a yacht then sail off leaving a gloomy autumn day in Southsea for the delights on the other side of the Atlantic of a life cruising the Caribbean.

Corporate life in the I.T. world was soon to become a distant memory – no surprise there. Future plans of running yacht charters in Grenada seemed far more appealing.

Fast forward to a year later back in the UK; dinner with friends: “Andy, can you help us set up a new office – we need a server and other stuff?” It’s funny how a one-off project turned into a new career.

Andy’s view on I.T. as a career has changed: “Actually there is nothing wrong with working in I.T.; in fact take the corporate life out of the equation, throw in the satisfaction of solving real business problems for real customers and surprisingly it is a great place to work. While there are some great companies out there, so too are there a load that charge a lot but deliver very little. I am fired by the belief that it must be possible to provide reliable, well-managed I.T. service without having to pay “through the nose” for it.”